We help you find your authentic voice as a thought leader and industry expert. Then map that to the latest media formats to develop a program that works for you.

Founder – Mike Palmer

Founded in 2019 by Mike Palmer, an educational technology and new media innovator with over 20 years experience in digital media and elearning, Palmer Media specializes in working with organizations, authors, and other sharp individuals to develop authentic, engaging media programs that showcase their thought leadership.

Mike led digital media innovation at Kaplan Test Prep for over 20 years, continuing to push the envelope in learning media and thought leadership programming. He’s the host of Trending in Education, Running It Back, and The Palm Court Pod and has produced many successful podcasts ond other media programs across the industry including Innovations in Education with David Adams, How to Get the Most Out of College with Elliot Felix, Behavioral Health Today for Triad, and Council Conversations for Council Capital. We even produced a true crime and music podcast called Inside Jackson Station. Clearly it’s a labor of love.

Beyond audio podcasts, we specialize in lightweight video podcasts that translate beautifully across emerging video platforms. And if you’re an audio true believer, we’re happy to flex our expertise in the format that built us. We also do media training and strategic consulting depending on your needs.